NY Times: FoodCorps on Mark Bittman’s 25 things to be hopeful about

No Turkeys Here

by Mark Bittman

There are days when it seems — both in and out of the food world — that Everything Is Going Wrong. That makes it easy enough to complain, and I’m not alone in doing so routinely. Nothing tastes the way it used to. Even pricey restaurants have lost their glow. Quality is shot. People die from eating melons. The dominance of hyper-processed, industrialized food (and, more to the point, food-like products) is spreading globally, and we’re all gaining weight faster than ever, while wrecking the planet.
Nevertheless, it’s nearly as easy to find signs of hope — lots of them — as well as people and organizations who’ve been prodding American food back on a natural, sustainable, beautiful track.


To read the list of 25 things that make Mark Bittman hopeful about the food landscape, click here. (spoiler alert: FoodCorps is on it!)