The Lunch Tray: FoodCorps and Farm to School Day in Jackson

by Bettina Elias Siegel

A few months ago I told you all about FoodCorps, a promising new public service organization (part of AmeriCorps) dedicated to improving the health of children in low-income communities.  Operating in ten states (and possibly expanding to two more in the near future), FoodCorps service workers dedicate a year of their lives to providing hands-on nutrition education in schools, building and tending school gardens and bringing local food into school cafeterias.  I also shared with you a guest blog post describing “a day in the life” of a FoodCorps service member.

Today I’m pleased to share another guest blog post from FoodCorps, this time co-authored by four service members working down in Jackson, Mississippi:  Abigail Phillips, Alex Sligar, Lauren Cioffi and Graham Downey.  Together they share their experiences from April 30th, the day on which a new farm-to-school pilot program was launched in Jackson:

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