This Maine School Lets Kids Take Home Free Food on Fridays
Students and community members inside Medomak Middle School’s Community Market
Photo by Alexander Violo, Lincoln County News

Alexander Violo, Lincoln County News

Medomak Middle School’s Community Market helps area families combat food insecurity by sending food home with students at the end of the week.

Student volunteers run the program. FoodCorps helped set up the program at the beginning of the school year with assistance from Good Shepherd Food Bank of Auburn and local organizations.

At the end of the day Friday, students can come down to the Community Market, on the ground level of the middle school, and pick up food for the weekend, according to FoodCorps Service Member Jared Grenier.

“The Community Market is a place where students and families can come and receive food,” Grenier said.

Grenier said students pack bags with food to bring home.

The Community Market is completely run by student volunteers and supported by community members, according to Grenier.

“Having students working in the Community Market is essential. It wouldn’t run without them,” he said.