Washington Post: Deb Eschmeyer on how FoodCorps is getting kids to eat healthier

By Debra Eschmeyer

A year has passed since Prince Charles, speaking at a Washington Post Live conference on the Future of Food, challenged the assumptions of our day “for the sake of the younger generation and for the integrity of Nature herself.”

What has happened in the year since? What are we actually doing, on and in the ground, to give the next generation opportunities to grow the healthful future envisioned by the Prince of Wales? There are encouraging signs, from the White House to our schools to our kitchen tables.

Betti Wiggins, executive director of Detroit Public Schools, better known as the “Head Lunch Lady,” feeds breakfast to 45,000 kids and lunch to 55,000 kids every school day. Wiggins recently announced that 30?percent of school system food purchases in the coming year would be of local produce. DPS is building 45 school gardens and providing summer meals to students. Wiggins says that if students have a chance to grow the food, they are more likely to eat it.

First lady Michelle Obama has used her political and literal muscle to promote healthy eating. Through her “Let’s Move” program and a new book, “American Grown,” about the importance of gardens, the first lady has spotlighted childhood obesity and smarter food choices.

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