School Meals

We work with schools to promote healthy, sustainable school meals. 

School meals provide an important opportunity to create greater access to healthy food.

Thirty million kids rely on schools for lunch every day, and more than 12 million for breakfast. Schools can help shape a child’s relationship with food—and the eating habits they’ll carry for a lifetime. 

Building on our foundation of food education in schools, FoodCorps is taking action to influence what’s on the lunch tray and ensure kids have access to healthier, more sustainable meals at school.

To meet this goal, we’ve launched reWorking Lunch, a coalition of over 100 partners—including food manufacturers, school district leaders, and government officials—working together to change the role of food in schools. We’re also exploring ways to support future school food leaders and shift public perceptions about what school lunch looks like today.

How kids feel in the cafeteria matters. That’s why FoodCorps is also working to make cafeterias joyful, empowering places for both students and school staff to gather every day. 

In partnership with leaders across sectors, we are leveraging the $18 billion our country spends on school meals annually toward better health outcomes for kids. Our goal is a future where healthier, more sustainable food is abundant and easily accessible for our nation’s kids at school.

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