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About Us

FoodCorps is a nationwide team of leaders that connects kids to real food and helps them grow up healthy.

Working under the direction of state and community partners, our corps members dedicate a year of public service to ensuring that children grow up in healthy school food environments: places where kids learn what real food is and where it comes from––and have daily access to it in their school meals.

Our Service Members:

    Teach kids about what healthy food is and where it comes from

    Build and tend school gardens

    Bring high-quality local food into public school cafeterias


“Thousands of young Americans have dedicated themselves to reforming the food chain, from field to table, and of all the programs that have emerged to channel that energy and idealism, FoodCorps is the most inspiring.”
—Michael Pollan, Author


Our Mission

Through the hands and minds of emerging leaders, FoodCorps strives to give all youth an enduring relationship with healthy food.

Our Vision

We envision a nation of well-nourished children: children who know what healthy food is, how it grows and where it comes from, and who have access to it every day. These children, having grown up in a healthy food environment, will learn better, live longer, and liberate their generation from diet-related disease.

We envision a bright future for our Service Members: emerging leaders who, having invested a year of public service creating healthy food environments for children, will go on to become farmers, chefs, educators and public health leaders. These visionaries, armed with the skills to improve school food, will improve all food.

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    Featured Service Member

    Lauren Manuck

    Somerset County, Maine

    "In 10 years, I see myself working in community nutrition promoting a healthy lifestyle through food and nutrition."

    Meet Lauren →

    Our Service Members

    125 FoodCorps service members and 15 FoodCorps fellows are out making a difference at 108 sites across 15 states!

    Some 1,000 emerging leaders applied for the positions, demonstrating remarkable skill, passion, and commitment in areas related to improving school food.

    Meet Our Service Members