Healthy food is an essential building block for a full life. But right now, we’ve got a generation of children that is overweight, vulnerable to diet-related disease, and more likely to suffer from a variety of health problems which will hold them back throughout their lifetimes.

Every day, in high-need schools in communities nationwide, FoodCorps tackles this problem by fostering school environments that:

  • Increase children’s understanding of healthy food
  • Increase their excitement to try new foods that are good for them
  • Enable new healthy eating habits and increased opportunities to eat healthy food on a daily basis at school

We’re continually measuring our work to ensure we’re making a difference.

We measure:

Changes in Attitude



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students will finish out the year improving their attitude towards vegetables, trying new ones, or maintaining their high regard for them if they already liked them.


We measure:

Changes in Behavior



We’re measuring to make sure that FoodCorps programming increases how much healthy food our students eat.

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We measure:

Changes in Schools



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of schools that FoodCorps serves were measurably healthier school food environments by the end of this year.




We measure:

Partner Perspectives



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of FoodCorps stakeholders (sites, schools, partners) say that they highly value the work of FoodCorps in their community. Bottom line: the people we work with find our presence their valuable.

Our results so far this this school year:

  • 89,839


    Students Reached

  • 203


    Gardens Built

  • 212


    New Foods Introduced

  • 2,428


    Volunteers Engaged

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