After the Application: What to Expect in the Interview Process

Katie Keith holds up a sign that reads "I'm rooting for you"

So you’ve applied to serve with FoodCorps — great! Wondering what the rest of the process looks like? Here’s what to expect from the rest of the application process and some tips and tricks for preparing for interviews. 

The Recruitment Timeline

  • First round interviews are taking place in April. You may hear from a state lead, or the FoodCorps staffer who leads the program in a certain state, when your application is under review in that state to schedule the first round interview. (You may have heard from them already!) 
  • Second round interviews are taking place in May. If your first round interview indicates that you’re a good fit, the state lead will work with you to schedule the next round of the process.
  • If you don’t hear from your first choice state or reach the second round interview in that state, don’t worry! Your application will be shared with your second and third choice states. If you didn’t indicate second and third states when you initially applied, that’s okay too! You can always add those later in the process.

Top Tips for Preparing for Interviews

1. Practice and prepare .

You’ll be asked a series of questions about the service member position, such as:

  • Why do you want to serve with FoodCorps?
  • What interests you about service?
  • What ideas do you have for honoring the diversity of your students in lessons?

Spend some time looking at these example interview questions that are typically asked during both rounds of interviews, and think about how you’ll respond. There’s no need to memorize your responses! Feel free to jot down a few notes to help remind yourself when the interview time comes up. 

2. Test your tech.

FoodCorps staff are all over the country, and the reality of the pandemic means we’re working in an increasingly remote world. That means you might have an interview over Zoom. If that’s the case, take some time to ready your space before it’s time for your interview. Check your internet connection, make sure the camera and microphone are working, and find a comfortable and quiet place to talk. For the best lighting, it’s recommended to sit or stand so you’re facing a source of natural light, like a window.

3. Be yourself.

FoodCorps values our applicants’ diverse range of identities and experiences. It’s possible that the questions we ask won’t give us a complete picture of who you are. If that happens, feel free to share more about yourself during the interview process, even if it doesn’t quite fit into a question — we’re always open to hearing more about you. There’s a reason why you were driven to apply to serve with FoodCorps; don’t lose sight of that reason throughout the interview!

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