An Evening of Stories

“Stories can sometimes get at the complexity of the impact we’re having in a way that numbers don’t always show.”

Jerusha Klemperer, FoodCorps Co-founder

FoodTalks is an evening of stories about farm to school in action. We’ve had this evening three years in a row now, and we’re pleased to be able to share some of these stories with you. Here are this year’s from the northeast:

Do you remember the first time you ate something that makes you cry? What about the second time? FoodCorps Service Member Israel Buffardi does.

Meet FoodCorps Service Member Amy Jacobs. She thinks seeds are really cool. Listen in as she guides us through her journey overcoming privilege to find and plant seeds in her new community of Camden, N.J.

Kids watch an average of ten food-related ads a day. Nearly 98% of these ads are for food products that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium. FoodCorps Service Member Noel Webster knows this, but she knows the power of video to get people eating healthy too. Watch her explain this power and—a special treat—demonstrate it.

FoodCorps Service Member Meghan Stratton knows how difficult it is to get kids excited about healthy food. “I wouldn’t have tried your squash sample no matter how many ‘I tried it’ stickers you gave me,” she says. So how does she get them to try new things?

“There are two turkeys on that table, and that’s how you know we don’t play.” FoodCorps Service Member Krizl Soriano knows you have food memories; she has them too. Watch her describe hwo growing up Filipino influences her service.

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