Application Timeline

Unlike in previous years, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received. All applications are reviewed at the national level and then sent to state teams for further review and interviews. Applicants will be notified when they are being considered by a state team. If applicants are not selected to be interviewed by their first choice state, they may not receive notification until their application is being considered by their second or third choice state. All applicants will be notified when a final decision has been made.

You can apply for both the service member and the Team Leader position using the same online application. If you are not selected to be a Team Leader, you can then be considered as a service member. 

Application and Selection Timeline

Application period opens.

States review applications as they are submitted and conduct initial phone screenings with service member candidates.

Team Leader interviews begin.

Decisions will be sent to Team Leaders.

Application period closes at 6:00pm PST; final deadline to apply.

In-person interviews with first-choice states begin.

Review by second and third choice states begins.

Decisions will be sent to all applicants.