• Team Leader:Alice Finley-Pyle

For more information on getting involved with FoodCorps in Arizona, please contact Alice.


Why Serve In Arizona?

Arizona is home to 22 federally-recognized, sovereign Native American communities and numerous other Indigenous communities. At one time Arizona was a part of Mexico, thus Southern Arizona is greatly influenced by Mexican culture. The history and culture of each community shapes the local landscape in distinct ways. In addition to diverse culture, Arizona also has a diverse landscape. Despite the warm and arid climate, Indigenous people of Arizona have been growing food for their families for over 4,000 years and to date Arizona is known for citrus, cotton and lettuce production. Even with the presence of historical and current agricultural practices, 1 in 4 kids go hungry in Arizona due to scarcity of resources and/or quality of food. 


FoodCorps Arizona partners with school districts and community-based organizations across the I-10 and I-17 corridor, to serve K-5 schools in urban and rural communities. Regardless of the hosting service site being a school district or community-based organization, FoodCorps AmeriCorps Service Members can expect to integrate into and serve in 1-2 schools on a daily basis. Once in the schools, our service members connect with students in grades K-5 to teach them about healthy food through food or garden-based lessons and activities in the classroom, cafeteria or other places within the school environment. Some examples of such activities include Try Day Friday taste tests for students, after school garden club, culinary club, and promotion of healthy food fundraisers. 


Since we aim to serve the community, service activities are often informed through partnership with school administrators, teachers, and other school staff. FoodCorps service will always look different and unique based on the service site community and organizational structures; in addition to reviewing the FoodCorps website, we also encourage you to review the website for the service site you are considering, as well as the location of the community. In Arizona, FoodCorps service members will have the opportunity to learn the histories and address challenges of local communities in order to best serve unique community needs while connecting kids to healthy food in schools.