Listen Up: 5 New Episodes of FoodCorps Arizona Radio Diaries

The final five episodes of the FoodCorps Arizona Radio Diaries podcast are now available! Our Arizona leadership team gave each of of our service members there a portable recorder and microphone. The diaries they recorded capture everything from the sounds of kids digging in the garden or trying new foods to conversations with school principals and local farmers. These short form documentaries also include personal stories and profound reflections, providing a behind the scenes look at (listen to?) the day-to-day of a FoodCorps Arizona service member.

Episode 5: Nacho

In this episode of Arizona Radio Diaries, we hear from service member and Tohono O’odham Tribal member, Nacho Flores serving at his elementary school, the San Simon School in the village of GuVo. Nacho discusses the importance of O’odham history and culture and explains why food and culture are not only so integrated but vital for young tribal members in school.

Episode 6: Carina

This episode stars, Carina Zehr serving with the Community Food Banks’ Farm to Child program in Tucson, AZ. Learn why Carina is so passionate about service and her deep love for nature. Carina has served with FoodCorps for two years in Tucson teaching nutrition and garden classes to hundreds of elementary students through out the city.

Episode 7: Maya

In this episode of Radio Diaries we hear from Maya Harjo serving on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in the small village of Cibecue. Maya directly provided  education to students in grades three to five at the Cibecue Community School. In this episode we listen to Maya’s long-prepared project, Apache Youth Farm Camp and listen to the experience of the campers learn about Apache Food Sovereignty.

Episode 8: Emily

This episode of Radio Diaries stars, Emily Maheux serving on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation with Ndee Bikiyaa, The Peoples Farm Project. Listen to Emily’s passion for service, and her experience about moving across the country to challenge her world view, gain culture humility, and self awareness.

Episode 9: Sam & Kathleen

In this episode of Radio Diaries, we hear from current FoodCorps Arizona Fellow, Samantha Turner and Host Site Supervisor, Kathleen Norton with the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. Learn how the Center for American Indian Health became the state partner for the FoodCorps Arizona program five years ago. You’ll also listen to Samantha path with FoodCorps and her passions as the state fellow.

Missed the first four episodes? Listen to the full series:

FoodCorps’ State Partner in Arizona is Johns Hopkins University Center for American Indian Health (CAIH). This podcast was made possible by the Suzanne Roberts Native American Dream Fund, which you can read more about in the description here.