Headshots of Dr. Robert S. Harvey and Curt Ellis, co-CEOs of FoodCorps

FoodCorps Names Dr. Robert S. Harvey as Co-CEO

Dr. Harvey to serve alongside Curt Ellis, Co-CEO and Co-founder of FoodCorps  

NEW YORK, NY (October 2, 2023) — FoodCorps, a national nonprofit that partners with schools and communities to nourish our nation’s students, today announced that Dr. Robert S. Harvey will serve as President and Co-CEO of the organization.

The announcement comes after a year-long reinvention, where the organization looked inward at the ways in which it was upholding its commitments to equity, justice, and impact, both externally and internally. Co-founder Curt Ellis will serve alongside Dr. Harvey as Co-CEO. 

“I’m humbled and honored to be named the Co-CEO of FoodCorps. This new model marks the beginning of a new era for FoodCorps — one where, together, we will usher in a vision for impact that not only strengthens our mission, but meaningfully centers justice in all we do,” said Dr. Robert S. Harvey, President and Co-CEO. “Strong leadership enabled FoodCorps’ progress since its inception, but co-leadership enables transformation.” 

FoodCorps is reorienting its work to amplify the voices of children, families, and BIPOC school nutrition professionals, while advancing legislation and policies that reflect its vision for the future of food in schools — an opportune moment to leverage both Dr. Harvey’s and Ellis’ strategic leadership. 

“This shift in our leadership approach is a defining moment for FoodCorps, and a clear opportunity to propel us forward,” said Curt Ellis, Co-founder and Co-CEO of FoodCorps. “Guided by our unique experiences, Rob and I will lean on one another to mobilize the movement for food justice and education equity, and to help create a future where every child in every school has access to food education and free, nourishing meals.” 

Dr. Harvey and Ellis have worked together to re-establish FoodCorps as a social justice organization, setting an ambitious goal to ensure that all children have access to food education and free, nourishing meals in school by 2030. This new co-leadership model blends Ellis’ and Dr. Harvey’s personal and professional experiences, allowing FoodCorps to more effectively build partnerships, advance justice, and ultimately reach its goals. 

ABOUT FOODCORPS: FoodCorps partners with schools and communities to nourish kids’ health, education, and sense of belonging so that every child, in every school, experiences the joy and power of food. Our AmeriCorps members serve alongside educators and school nutrition leaders to provide kids with nourishing meals, food education, and culturally affirming experiences with food that celebrate and nurture the whole child. Building on this direct service, FoodCorps advocates for policy change, grows networks, and develops leaders in service of every kid’s health and well-being. Our goal is that by 2030, every child will have access to food education and nourishing food in school.