An assortment of FoodCorps valentine cards with decorative color blobs in the corners
FoodCorps' newest fruit and veggie Valentine's Day cards are print-ready in color or black and white. Design by Nessa Tam.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! If you’re still looking for classroom valentines but the shelves at the store are empty, we’re here to help. 

Valentine Gifts to Print at Home

Here are two printable card sets for all ages—plus a bonus print-out joke teller you can use for Valentine’s Day or all year. 

Fruit and Veggie Cards

The newest version of our valentines features funny fruits and vegetables offering sweet sayings. Also available in black and white for kids to color in themselves! Download in color or black and white.

Punny Vegetable Cards 

Our original veggie valentines will never go out of style! Because you’re never too old for a vegetable pun. Available to print out in color. Download here

Garden Joke Teller

For a kid who’s not into the holiday but still wants to be part of the celebration, check out our garden joke tellers! This printable game is also available in multiple versions for kids to color, and folding instructions are included. Download in color or black and white

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