Conway, Arkansas Schools Create Halloween Taste Test to Encourage Healthy Habits For Students


A central Arkansas school district is working to instill healthy habits in their students.

This project is part of the Conway School District’s Farm to School initiative. It’s the district’s way of addressing diet-related health issues here in Arkansas. 

Today kids from Carolyn Lewis Elementary were part of a taste test. Staff turned Arkansas-grown sweet potatoes into “Scooby Snacks” for the Halloween-themed event.

The school has several of these throughout the school year to show kids that healthy food can be fun and delicious.

“It really connects them with healthy eating and food. With us dressing up as Scooby Doo, it makes it fun, it makes them want to try and maybe more likely to eat sweet potatoes, as well as bring that home and share it with their family,” says Meagan Brown, the food service coordinator.