FoodCorps Applauds President Biden’s American Families Plan

April 30, 2020


Statement: FoodCorps Applauds President Biden’s American Families Plan
This plan is a win for children and families, ensuring their consistent access to healthy food 

WASHINGTON, DC—This week President Joe Biden released his administration’s American Families Plan that outlines provisions to invest wholly in programs that are proven to support child and family well-being, with a particular goal to cut child poverty in half, per the president’s Wednesday address to Congress. More specifically, the plan proposes significant funding to strengthen and expand access to healthy school meals throughout the year — including during the summer months — as well as access to nutritional assistance programs like SNAP benefits. These provisions illustrate the critical importance of school meals and food access in our nation’s recovery from the pandemic. The following is a statement from Mamiko Vuillemin, Senior Manager of Policy and Advocacy at FoodCorps. 

“FoodCorps applauds the Biden administration’s latest plan to lift up children and families, especially those that have faced significant challenges in the last year as a result of the pandemic. We’re encouraged by the administration’s focus on programs that our network of service members, partners, and school nutrition professionals have seen make a direct impact on our children. 

With children set to start a school year unlike any other in the fall, access to healthy food is essential for their growth and their preparedness to learn, ensuring a more successful and prosperous future for our nation. 

The American Families Plan makes it clear that no student, parent, caregiver, or guardian will have to make the heartbreaking decision to forgo nourishing food in order to balance their financial security. FoodCorps looks forward to working with the Biden administration on these initiatives and to further the power of healthy school meals through Child Nutrition Reauthorization.”

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