FoodCorps Expands the Food World for Michigan Kids

By Andrea King Collier, Freelance Journalist and Author

It’s not always easy to change the way school-aged children think about what they eat, and how it links up to their health and to their communities. But FoodCorps is creating awareness and change, one school at a time.

Daniel Marbury, the FoodCorps Central and Southern Regions Program Manager says, “Our goal in Michigan, like in the other states where we work, is to help kids grow up healthy and to help them build a relationship with healthy food.” In Michigan, FoodCorps is active at six school sites, working in the classroom, in the garden and through engagement in the community.

Much of the transformative work that the FoodCorps members do is connecting kids with healthy food, starting in the school cafeterias. Marbury says, “half of many Michigan students’ daily and weekly calories come from the food they eat at school.”