FoodCorps’ Kelleher Brings Taste Test to Students

By S. Garrett Shaw, Lake County Examiner

Choosing healthy eating habits is something that individuals across the world struggle with, but addressing these issues early can be the jump-start a kid needs to insure a healthy future lifestyle.

That’s how FoodCorps service member Brooke Kelleher is making her mark on the community. 

Kelleher is always looking for the best way to introduce fruits and vegetables into the lives of kids and is doing so through food taste tests. 

In order to get these options into the schools, Kelleher recently brought in festive breakfast choices for the students at A.D. Hay Fremont and Union Elementary. 

With the month of November marking National Breakfast month, Kelleher introduced pumpkin rounds, a play off a healthy cookie that was a hit among the kids. 

“One of the reasons I was looking into breakfast is because a lot of the options aren’t really healthy, they’re all high sugar foods,” said Kelleher. “We are working towards getting healthier options for breakfast.”

FoodCorps targets K-6 students through these taste tests, but this wasn’t the first time the kids tried a new food that could eventually grace the cafeteria line. Cauliflower tater tots, cowboy salad and baked apples and squash were featured as well.