Kualapu’u Kids Grow Gardens and Try New Things, Again and Again

On one of our last days at Kualapu’u Charter School, we were approached by parent and teacher, Marshall Joy, to film FoodCorps in action the kids. We’ve been working at Kualapu’u since the beginning of the school year with two Kindergarden and one first grade class. Joy is a farmer himself on Moloka’i and strongly believes in the type of work we are promoting in the schools. His goal is to spread knowledge of this type of work while gaining more community support around it.

Our Kualapu’u students are always excited and enthusiastic about their time with us. During our 45 minute sessions, we take the kids out into the garden, cook and do art projects about the garden. The garden has been a space where the kids can discover new life and learn the process of how we get the food we eat. I had one student tell me at the beginning of the year that he HATED fruits and vegetables. It was my goal all year to get him to try something we grew or made in the class. After many attempts, I was able to accomplish my goal and got him to try a fruit smoothie. As we continue to provide these creative spaces for our kids, their minds will continue to flow with new ideas and ways to be the main voice in their own food system.

Ed. Note: Hear Marlena introduce herself and FoodCorps at 1:34.

Kualapuu School: FoodCorps from Kualapuu School on Vimeo.