Local tuna arrives at Driftwood School cafeteria, along with the fishermen

Via Coos Bay World

PORT ORFORD, O.R. — Local, sustainably caught tuna was served up in the Driftwood School cafeteria in Port Orford on Thursday, Dec. 13, and the students were treated not only to tuna, but to stories from two local fishermen, who caught the fish, shared about their occupation and what it is like to be out in the ocean.

Thanks to support from Oregon Department of Education through Farm to School Procurement funding, the 2CJ School District received over $2,000 to purchase local food from Oregon. This funding gives the school district extra dollars to buy Oregon grown food, helping Oregon’s economy.

Katie Struth, a FoodCorps service member, is helping Driftwood use those dollars to purchase food directly from the local community, supporting local families.