NJ Service Member Lauren Nixon shares her baked sweet potato fries with Cooking Light

by Lauren Nixon, FoodCorps service member in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

To many middle schoolers, the French fry is king. According to them, it’s the most versatile, dippable, craveable food known to humankind. The students that I educate as a FoodCorps service member, K-8th graders at Greater Brunswick Charter School in New Brunswick, New Jersey can be picky. The students like some vegetables, but I can’t get too experimental too fast—a mere photo of romanesco or a white eggplant can elicit a roomful of sighs. We’re still working on discussions regarding seasonality—the fact that The Garden State is a hotbed for tomatoes and not, say, papayas and mangoes, is still a work in progress. That aside, I’m working on meeting them halfway, which is important not only as aFoodCorps service member, but whenever you’re introducing any student of any age to a new concept. So, I set my sights on delivering the crunch and the familiar flavors that they crave, but with a twist.

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