Report: Nourishing Futures for Every Student

FoodCorps service member and three students watering plants in a garden

The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health is convening in September 2022. The last conference on this topic, held in 1969, resulted in important policies like WIC and the significant expansion of SNAP and school meal programs. This conference could determine the next several decades of nutrition policy.

FoodCorps looks to participate in this historic conference by highlighting policies that will nourish the health, education, and sense of belonging of every child in our country. The “Nourishing Futures for Every Student” report includes FoodCorps’ four core policy recommendations to improve access to nutritious foods, empower healthy choices through education, and close the disparities surrounding them due to systemic oppression.

This report shares and highlights the perspectives of school and community partners, and is rooted in FoodCorps’ decade of experience as an implementation partner in urban, rural, and Indigenous school communities across the country.