Olympian Allyson Felix and FoodCorps co-founder Deb Eschmeyer talk about children’s health

by Rebecca Klein

Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix and food activist Debra Eschmeyer think there is one major thing schools around the country need to improve upon: health education.

Promoters of physical education and healthy eating in schools, the pair took the stage as part of a panel at NBC’s Education Nation Summit on Oct. 8 and spoke about the need for schools to produce healthy, well-balanced students. Eschmeyer, the co-founder of FoodCorps, an organization that seeks to improve school nutrition and teach kids about healthy living, described food education as an essential part of schooling; Felix, a track and field Olympian, touted physical activity as a pillar of learning.

After the panel, they each caught up with The Huffington Post to share why they think health education is important, and whether or not it will improve.

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