This election season, take the #PledgeForSchoolFood.

As we head into an uncertain school year, child food insecurity is at its highest in recent history. COVID-19 has left too many kids hungry and families struggling. And while school nutrition professionals are on the frontlines feeding thousands of kids, they’re working with limited resources — and lots of unknowns. 

“We’re rallying around how much we can provide to our communities in this time of need, but we’re also seeing ways that school nutrition programs can bring us all together.” —Bertrand Weber, Director of Culinary and Wellness Services for Minneapolis Public Schools  

The pandemic has illuminated what we’ve long known to be true: School food is essential. School meals provide nourishment to kids whose families struggle to make ends meet, and who come from communities where systemic racism denies families access to healthy food. School food is also a tool for cultural connection, helping kids feel grounded in their communities and grow socially, emotionally, and in and out of the classroom. 

With a high-stakes election ahead, we need your help to make healthy schools a top priority this fall. Pledge to take action for policies that support school food and the people behind the scenes who feed our kids. We’ll let you know when you can raise your voice for policies that make a big difference in shaping our kids’ plates. Together, we can build an equitable, resilient school food system that nourishes every child, regardless of race, place, or class.