Public Radio International: FoodCorps grows food for education and change

by Ellen Roos

In an effort to battle the increasing number of childhood obesity cases in the United States, FoodCorps is turning to schools. Rather than just teaching the basics of healthy eating, they’re tapping into a generation of passionate young adults to make health food more real.

Individuals inspired by the future of sustainable agriculture and changing the way Americans eat can find an opportunity in making a difference with FoodCorps.

Part of the AmeriCorps Service Network, FoodCorps gives young adults and recent graduates an opportunity to work with nonprofits across the United States to help connect school children to healthy food and teach them where it comes from.

Curt Ellis, co-founder and Executive Director of FoodCorps, says the organization was born out of the realization that the nation is facing a tremendous problem of childhood obesity. And a whole generation of school children is growing up with limited access to healthier food.

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