Recapping #LunchChat: A Twitter Chat to Celebrate Healthy School Meals

Earlier this month, we partnered with the National Farm to School Network on a special Twitter chat celebrating healthy school meals. Together, we aimed to amplify the way that school meals can support our country’s recovery from COVID-19; how communities can support school meals; and champion the vision that all students deserve access to healthy food at school.

More than 50 organizations, school nutrition professionals, FoodCorps alumni, and partner nonprofits joined our conversation. Below are some highlights from the Twitter chat. Got a last-minute thought to add? Tweet us using the hashtag #LunchChat! 

Question 1: Why is school food essential?

Question 2: COVID-19 has proven that school nutrition professionals are more than heroes—they’re essential. How can we support them?

Question 3: How can school meals support our country’s recovery from COVID?

Question 4: COVID has deepened racial and economic disparities in our country. What policy changes can be made to ensure schools are one of our country’s solutions to our intertwined food insecurity and health crises?

Question 5: How can school food be leveraged as a tool to bring about racial justice in schools and beyond?

Question 6: As we look ahead to a school year dramatically changed by COVID-19, what steps can policymakers take to ensure school meals are set up for success?

Question 7: In our country, every child can access a free education, but not a free meal at school. What would a world with universal free school meals look like?

Question 8: What can people do to take action for school meals?


Thanks for tuning in!