WATCH: FoodCorps service member takes action to reduce food waste

by Lauren Scafidi & Derrick Larr, 9 & 10 News

We’ve all been there — you’re full, and you simply scrape the food off your plate into the trash. It’s part of the reason 40 percent of food is wasted in America. Now some students are taking notice of those numbers Traverse Heights in Traverse City is digging deeper into why by conducting a little experiment during lunch. They got some help from organizations across town like Oryana, FoodCorps and Food Rescue, which is a program through Goodwill Northern Michigan. Usually lunch is time for laugh and play, but now — lunch is time for a lesson.

“We waste a lot of food in this country. 40% of our food is wasted, and it starts there,” said Devin Moore, education outreach coordinator for Oryana.

That 40% is the focus for students at Traverse Heights Elementary School in Traverse City. The garbage cans were pushed aside at lunch today and replaced with marked containers showing students how much of each food gets wasted.

“What nutritional value ends up in the garbage can that should be in your body to help you grow into a better thinker,” said Ryan Schrock, Principal of Traverse Heights.