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Youth. Food. Community. These three seemingly distinct issues intersect in one place: The Food Project. From urban farms to a national college campaign, The Food Project brings together youth and adults from diverse backgrounds working toward the common goal of a sustainable food system in which everyone, regardless of background, has access to fresh, local produce. The Food Project donates and distributes much of its produce to underserved communities in Boston and its surrounding suburbs.

Why Serve In Massachusetts?

Funders - Logos - Massachusetts Service AllianceAlthough few people think of Massachusetts as a hotbed for agriculture, the state boasts 7,700 farms and ranks 9th among U.S. states for the total value of direct farm-to-consumer sales.

In order to aid partnership across programs and missions within the local food movement, FoodCorps Massachusetts’ service sites are clustered in the geographic regions of Boston, Cambridge, and the North Shore (Lynn and Gloucester). Service members in Massachusetts benefit from living and serving in close proximity to each other and have frequent opportunities for professional and social interaction.

Our service sites offer a variety of exciting and meaningful service settings; you may find yourself conducting a cooking class with a group of 2nd-grade chefs, designing lessons on the food system for an after-school club, or inspiring teachers to bring their students to the school garden you have cultivated for their interdisciplinary enrichment. Combine your passions for healthy food, education, justice, and community building with a great service year in Massachusetts!

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