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How FoodCorps uses nature to nurture schoolkids’ skills

There is no typical day, nor typical week, for FoodCorps service members in metro Atlanta. You might find one in a school garden helping students plant kale, sugar snap peas or carrots. Another might be in a classroom making a layered bean dip and talking about the similarities between those layers and the layers in a garden. Or one could be teaching a lesson on the importance of compost or playing a game that helps bring home what it means to have limited access to food.

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FoodCorps Expands the Food World for Michigan Kids

It’s not always easy to change the way school-aged children think about what they eat, and how it links up to their health and to their communities. But FoodCorps is creating awareness and change, one school at a time. Daniel Marbury, the FoodCorps Central and Southern Regions Program Manager says, “Our goal in Michigan, like in the other states where we work, is to help kids grow up healthy and to help them build a relationship with healthy food.”

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