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Washington, D.C. (September 27, 2022) – FoodCorps leaders, Co-Founder & CEO Curt Ellis and President Dr. Robert S. Harvey, released the following statement in response to the Biden-Harris Administration National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health unveiled this morning ahead of tomorrow’s White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health:

“President Biden’s National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health announced today marks a clear step forward toward a more nourishing future for our nation’s students and sets in motion the four core policy recommendations that FoodCorps prioritized and advanced to support our children’s nutrition, health, and sense of belonging at school.

“Among the priorities announced today in line with FoodCorps’ recommendations are advancing a pathway to free, healthy school meals for all; increasing access to local and regional food; enabling more scratch-cooking in schools through increased funding of training and kitchen equipment; and investing in the school nutrition workforce. In addition, the strategy calls for developing and expanding food and nutrition education – a key critical solution that encourages children to eat more nutritious foods, fosters kids’ identities and cultures through their meals, and lays a foundation for healthier and more successful lives.

“We are heartened that the Biden-Harris Administration and the trailblazers behind tomorrow’s Conference of Hunger, Nutrition, and Health are using their power to celebrate community voices and share lived experiences of hunger and nutrition in America, and we applaud the policy priorities that will make an impact on our children for decades to come.

“FoodCorps is proud to be a part of this historic moment, and will continue working with our leaders to make this strategic roadmap a reality. The National Strategy and tomorrow’s historic conference will help move us closer to a better future – where every student is nourished and ready to learn.”

FoodCorps is grateful for the support of its extensive network of school nutrition and education partners, service member alumni, and advocates, who have helped us to shape and inform the strategy and conference. FoodCorps has been actively involved in these efforts since the White House’s call in May to stakeholders to submit their ideas, stories, and recommendations to help set the goals and policy agenda of the conference. 

Launching its #TimeForFoodEd campaign, FoodCorps hosted listening sessions with education and nutrition leaders from across the country to outline key policy recommendations in a report “Nourishing Futures for Every Student” submitted to the White House in July. The policy recommendations include school meals for all, making nutrition and food education part of the school day, upgrading school kitchens, and increasing the representation of Black, Indigenous, multiracial, and people of color (BIMPOC) leadership in school nutrition careers.

Additionally, FoodCorps launched a grassroots petition, which amassed more than 1,600 supporters urging President Biden to support placing a food educator in every school. FoodCorps Co-Founder and CEO Curt Ellis also served on a diverse, independent, nonpartisan Task Force on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to inform the White House’s planning efforts around the conference.