Strengthening Our Network of Indigenous Alums & Alums of Color

FoodCorps is excited to announce that we will be hosting two 3-day retreats—including an optional half-day of field trips—for a selected cohort of FoodCorps alumni starting in Atlanta, GA from Thursday, September 14th to Sunday, September 17, 2017 followed by a second gathering in spring 2018.

The Atlanta gathering will kick-off a 6-month engagement for interested alumni:

  • To build and expand their network of indigenous people and people of color with a passion for food, wellness, and social justice
  • To deeply explore the ways in which micro- and macro- aggressions and internalized oppression inhibit our ability show up as our full selves,
  • Collectively problem solve and imagine how we can more effectively advocate for ourselves and for institutional change within the organizations and movement spaces in which we operate.

September Gathering Highlights

  • Learn from and be inspired by the wisdom of Atlanta-based farmers, food, environmental and social justice advocates, educators, and entrepreneurs.
  • Work with Mandala Center For Change/Theater of the Oppressed facilitator, Ashnie Butler, to walk away with a deeper understanding of the ways that both personal and institutionalized racism show up in our lives as professionals and activists and creatively explore strategies for disrupting them. How do we bring more of who we are to our work and activism and build community in which we feel loved and accepted and respected? Through a series of theater games, exercises, and other experiential structures (not to worry, no theater experience needed) we will explore how to show up for ourselves more fully.
  • Build community with a network of passionate, knowledgeable peers, armed with feedback and ideas on how to pursue goals and/or navigate roadblocks.

Spring 2018 Gathering Highlights (Location TBD)

  • Explore and share how our personal and community histor(ies) intersect with the larger movements for native sovereignty, racial justice, and immigrant rights.
  • Working with Center for Whole Communities facilitator, Mohamad Chakaki, engage in leadership practices, facilitation techniques, and evaluative frameworks that center equity, are rooted in place, and support both personal and systemic change. Explore ways to use these practices and frameworks to advocate for change within the organizations, institutions, and movements you operate within.
  • Learn from more seasoned professionals who are working for change within their communities, organizations, and movements.

Who Should Participate

We are looking for passionate and visionary individuals who have a strong desire to connect with, support, and learn from other indigenous FoodCorps alums and alums of color and who are eager to tackle both the personal and institutional barriers to social change.


  • Must have completed at least one service term with FoodCorps and not be currently serving as a service member or fellow as of Fall 2017.
  • Must self-identify as a person of color and/or indigenous to the Americas or Pacific Islands. (Immigrants of color and people who identify as multi-racial and/or mixed-race are included in this invitation.)
  • Must have the ability to attend the full duration of a 2-½ day retreat from September 15th-17th (food, lodging, & travel expenses covered by FoodCorps).  Field trip day on September 14th is optional.
  • Must commit to joining two full group conference calls and 2-3 hours of independently scheduled peer mentoring calls over the 6-month period.

If you are interested, please apply by Friday, July 21st. We look forward to reviewing your application!