Where You’ll Serve

You’ll serve at 1-3 schools—often under the direction of a local community organization—for your year of FoodCorps service. While you’ll implement the same strategies as your fellow FoodCorps AmeriCorps members across the country, service can look a little different based on the needs of a specific school or community. Our partnerships with organizations at the state and local level help us meet these needs.

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  • Select Your State

You can select first, second, and third choice states to serve in on your application. No preferences are necessary, however. If you’re connected to a particular community, please say so on your application. We’re looking to empower local leaders.

“FoodCorps has given me a chance to make tangible change in the community I grew up in. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch kids get excited about healthy food.”

—Erika Van Dyke, former service member

Wondering what your chances are of getting selected for your first choice state?
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Interest Areas

You may also be interested in FoodCorps service sites or communities that share certain characteristics other than what state they are in.