• Program Director:Jackie Hemann
  • Senior Program Coordinator:Cassie Spindler
  • Program Coordinator:Wenona Kei Shmull

For more information on getting involved with FoodCorps in California, please contact Jackie.

Why Serve in California?

California is renowned for its agricultural abundance, and the state is the producer of half of all U.S.-grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Outside of this prosperity, however, entire communities are left behind when it comes to the allocation of resources and access to healthy food. FoodCorps service members in California are embedded within schools that are eager to connect kids to healthy food in the school garden, classroom, cafeteria, and with the school community.

We are partnered with geographically and culturally different school districts and nonprofit organizations across the state in rural, urban, coastal, and inland areas alike, ranging from Chico to San Diego County, and from the coast to the eastern Sierra region.

Our service members become an important member of the school community through partnerships with teachers and administrators; together service members and teachers co-lead lessons that engage students to achieve educational standards and promote positive culture. Our service members also support statewide initiatives that encourage healthy eating, such as California Thursdays and Harvest of the Month programs, and work in creative ways to run taste tests, support meal programs, and make mealtime an educational and socially fulfilling time.

Interested in serving in California? Feel free to reach out to Cassie or Wenona for more info.

Interested in discussing possible alignment and bringing FoodCorps to your school? Please connect with Jackie.

The FoodCorps California program is administered by CaliforniaVolunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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