• State Fellow: Seri Niimi-Burch
  • State Partner Supervisor: Mahina Patterson

For information on how to volunteer with FoodCorps in Hawai’i, please contact Seri.

Why Serve in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i is a gardener’s delight. 365 days a year, one can be outside, working with the sun, soil, water and air to grow delicious and healthy food. Currently Hawai’i imports 90% of its food but that reality doesn’t have to continue. FoodCorps serves at schools across the state, helping to expand school gardens and begin to source locally produced and in season fresh fruits and vegetables for the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program through a pilot program with the Hawai’i Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition.

All of FoodCorps Hawai’i’s principals and their staff are committed to building garden based nutritional education programs, and expanding the connections between hands-on learning and the core curriculum. We know that children who are healthy are ready to learn. Imua (Forward we go)!