The #1 Reason to Apply Now

Why apply now? 

You have until March 13 to submit your application to be a FoodCorps service member! That may seem like plenty of time, but it’ll be here sooner than you think. If you’re ready to spend a year teaching kids about healthy food, there are many reasons to get that application in well before the deadline. But there’s only one reason that really makes a big difference, and it’s this:

By applying early, you’ll get a decision sooner.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, which means we’re starting to read through them and invite applicants to do phone interviews before the March 13 application deadline. The way this works is that all applications are reviewed at the national level and then sent to state teams for further review and interviews. Applicants are notified when they are moved forward for a phone or in-person interview by a state team, which can sometimes take a while, especially if your application gets moved to multiple states for consideration.

Getting your application in early means you’ll enter that process sooner, leaving less time to worry about finishing your application and more time to relax. Kick off the process, then kick up your feet. 

Not quite ready? Do these 4 things before applying: 

Ready?  Set? Apply! We can’t wait to hear from you.