• State Fellow: Amy Joens
  • State Partner Supervisor: Margo Hale

For information on how to volunteer with FoodCorps in Arkansas, please contact Amy.

Why Serve in Arkansas?

You might not have thought about Arkansas recently. We’re that state between Texas and Mississippi, a bit off the beaten path, but we like it that way. While large-scale farming of corn, soybeans, rice, and poultry plays an important role in our state economy, we also boast a strong gardening culture. To many people in the rural parts of our state, gardening used to, and still does, mean not only survival, but a labor a love. Now, our gardening serves to strive for healthy futures for our kids. We know we have a lot of work to do, and thankfully some amazing people to help us do it.

To us, Southern culture means good food, good people, and fierce devotion to the land that makes those things possible. Serving in Arkansas means the chance to dig in and make real change alongside some of the best people you will ever meet.