• Program Associate Director:Tasha Gomes
  • Program Coordinator:Kai Chambers

For more information on getting involved with FoodCorps in Georgia, please contact Tasha

Why Serve in Georgia?

From the beautiful farmland of rural Georgia to the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia’s service sites offer unique opportunities to serve our state’s children, schools, and farmers. With a long growing season, service members can grow and eat a variety of delicious local food with students year round. We love good food in the South, and preparing and eating good food is central to our community and family life.


Georgia has experienced a tremendous growth in farm to school in the last several years. Since 2014, Georgia Organics, FoodCorps’ former Georgia State Partner, has partnered with the Georgia Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Public Health, as well as the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, to encourage the growth of farm to school through the state’s Golden Radish Farm to School Awards. Over 40% of Georgia school districts now offer farm to school programming and 1.2 million Georgia students have access to local foods and school gardens. Service members in Georgia not only have the opportunity to impact their service schools, but they also have the opportunity to engage stakeholders on the grassroots level, as well as interact with state leaders to affect change.


Georgia Organics served as the State Partner for FoodCorps in Georgia from 2014-2018. Through Georgia’s state farm to school award, the Golden Radish Awards, and FoodCorps’ partnership with Georgia Organics, FoodCorps deepened farm to school programs in nine school districts in Georgia. Over the past four years, a collective 29 FoodCorps service members helped over 44,000 Georgia students learn cooking and gardening skills while understanding the impact of their food choices on health, environment, and community. As of June 2018, FoodCorps Georgia has transitioned from the previous state partner model to an independently operated project to which Georgia Organics acts as an advisor. For questions about the Georgia Organics Farm to School Program, please contact Kimberly Della Donna, Georgia Organics Farm to School Director.