• Program Associate Director:Mallory Stefan
  • Team Leader:Courtney Nucito

For more information on getting involved with FoodCorps in Montana, please contact Mallory.

Why Serve in Montana?

When students in Ronan, Montana were asked what their state is known for, they replied, “big sky, wilderness, and lentils.” Undoubtedly, these students captured the essence of Montana. Known for its endlessly starry sky, multiple national parks, and rich agricultural history, Montana is an ideal place to serve.

Despite the short growing season, Montana’s agricultural economy is thriving. In fact, Montana is the top producer of lentils in the nation! Montanans pride themselves on their agricultural heritage and strong rural communities. However, there is a stark disconnect between producing food in Montana and consuming the food grown within the state. In 1950, 70% of the food ate in Montana was grown and processed in Montana; today that number is 10%. Meanwhile, Montana-grown agricultural commodities ship to distant markets, providing little return for the state’s rural producers and communities. The result is that by 2007, seven of the nation’s 10 poorest counties were in Montana and all were agricultural. To address this issue, FoodCorps service members in Montana have the opportunity to connect farms to Montana schools through hands-on learning in the garden, classroom, and cafeteria.

Our service sites are schools that span from the shadows of the Rocky Mountains to the plains of eastern Montana, including American Indian communities on the Crow and Flathead Reservations. By serving in Montana, you have the opportunity to connect kids to healthy food in schools under the Big Sky.

We are not accepting applications to serve in Montana in the 2021-2022 school year.