The following resources are used by FoodCorps AmeriCorps service members across the nation while they lead hands-on food education in schools. We are excited to share these resources and tools to support schools, families, and community partners who join us in promoting healthy school food environments. These resources have been developed by FoodCorps and are made available to the public for free, but are not for commercial use. Credit should be given to FoodCorps if any material is used or adapted. If you’re a FoodCorps service member or FoodCorps site partner, you can log into the Toolshed to access more FoodCorps-specific resources. 

FoodCorps Resources


Healthy School Toolkit (English and Español

FoodCorps’ Healthy School Toolkit is a set of resources designed to:

  • Take a snapshot of your current school food environment.

  • Guide your school community in creating a vision for the future.

  • Document your action plan for working toward that vision.

  • Evaluate and celebrate your school community’s history and progress over time.

Note that this toolkit was originally designed for FoodCorps AmeriCorps service members working in partnership with schools. It has been adapted for a broader audience.

Healthy School Toolkit – English

Healthy School Toolkit – Español

Sprout Scouts

Sprout Scouts is a club for elementary-aged students that helps kids learn what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day. Through fun, hands-on activities, Sprout Scouts clubs teach kids how to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food. Sprout Scouts Adventures and activities link Common Core and other academic standards to food and health in fun and engaging ways. Because of this, Sprout Scouts clubs are perfect for after-school programs, summer camps, or even as a classroom unit. Sprout Scouts was developed in collaboration with Life Lab

Sprout Scouts Leaders Handbook

Resources From Our Partners



Education Outside

Education Outside was a nonprofit committed to advancing science education in public schools, outdoors. Though Education Outside closed its doors in 2019, garden-based programming continues in many of these schools through other organizations, including FoodCorps. These resources represent best practices and lessons learned by Education Outside over eight years of training and deploying garden educators in public schools. Please note that these resources are made available to the public for free, but are not for commercial use. Credit should be given to Education Outside if any material is used or adapted. These resources were not developed by FoodCorps and reflect Education Outside programming, not FoodCorps programming.

Education Outside Resources