North Carolina

North Carolina


  • State Fellow: Katie Rainwater
  • State Partner Supervisor: Tes Thraves (CEFS) and Liz Driscoll (4-H)

For more information, please contact Katie.

Why Serve in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s economy is deeply rooted in agriculture: over 20% of the workforce is employed by the industry, and the state is the number one producer of sweet potatoes, flue-cured tobacco, and broiler chickens across the entire country.

Beginning in 1997, North Carolina was one of the first states to incorporate a statewide farm to school initiative that sources NC-grown produce for school meals. Today, the NCDA Farm to School Program reaches over 1 million children across the entire state, serving over a million pounds of locally grown produce each year.

Despite this, there are many challenges to overcome. Over one-fifth of our children are living in poverty, and 27% of kids in North Carolina are designated as food insecure. FoodCorps recognizes that in order for kids to be healthy and well fed, communities must be engaged to address issues of education and access. In the state, FoodCorps partners with county Cooperative Extension agencies, non-profit organizations, and school nutrition services to tap the local knowledge of folks already on the ground doing great work.

North Carolina is a diverse state that offers boundless sources of recreation and beauty. Serving here gives the opportunity to make real progress toward and equitable food system while enjoying the hospitality of southern culture.