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Month: June 2018

FoodCorps school receives grant to expand garden

CONWAY — Sarah Lane was cheering for the carrots in the Ida Burns Elementary School learning garden in Conway. “We have some carrots that look like they’re going to be ready next week, so I’m crossing my fingers that we can use them before the kids leave for the summer,” she said before school was out. May 24 was the students’ last day, and the carrots “looked good,” she said.

Serving Pride with FoodCorps

While I may have initially felt small, vulnerable, and “othered” in a new place, I took pride in how my time spent with these kids was not only helping them to understand how to grow a garden while learning science and nourish themselves, but also in how my weekly presence might help shape a more accepting classroom and school environment.

In an Agricultural Community, a School Garden Connects Kids to Healthy Food

In a town north of Los Angeles, Mar Vista Elementary School stands almost completely surrounded by farmland. On one side is a field of strawberries, the crop that made the town famous. On the other, it’s rows and rows of hoop houses containing what they’re pretty sure is artichokes. The town has long been an agricultural community, and many of the students at Mar Vista are from families that work in the fields.

Amarilys Olivo is building a community of worker bees

FoodCorps is honored to present Amarilys with this year’s Alumni Service Leadership Award. When Amarilys Olivo (NJ ’17) founded a community garden, she decided to call it the “Garden of Worker Bees.” Bees work collaboratively to take care of their community; each bee has its role and contributes to the well-being of the whole. Amarilys wanted to emulate that work ethic to create opportunities for learning, building healthy lifestyles, and connecting with fellow community members.