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Month: December 2015

FoodCorps from a Principal’s Perspective

Not many principals have experienced their schools from the perspective  of a student. But Maria Pace, Boulder Elementary & Middle’s Principal-Superintendent, grew up attending Boulder Elementary & Middle School. Now an administrator, she devotes herself to nurturing the school that nurtured her. A main focus for Maria is fostering a healthy school environment. With the work of passionate staff … Continued

Peer Pressure and Leafy Greens

I stood behind a long table in the high school cafeteria, small plastic cups lined end to end. Half the cups were overflowing with shiny, curly, green leaves speckled with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds: Kale Salad. The other half were filled with kale too, but darkened, flat, and crispy: chips. I was standing next … Continued