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Month: December 2016

Let’s Talk About Food Waste

Let’s talk about food waste. You know, the 1.3 billion tons of landfill garbage that accumulates each year worldwide, and a quarter of the waste that US schools produce. Food waste also represents the vast inefficiencies in food transport, grocery store marketing of “ugly” produce, accuracies in expiration and sell-by dates, the amount of time … Continued

I Believe in Fort Apache

Julee Dehose is a White Mountain Apache Tribal member and serves in her home community of Cibecue at the Dish’chii’bikoh Community School on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Julee grew up in Cibecue, a White Mountain Apache village of 900 tribal members, and attended the Dish’chii’bikoh Community School from kindergarten to 12th grade. Julee also … Continued

Garden to Nurse

Nurse Becca is a member of my Healthy School Planning Committee – a team of various stakeholders from the school community who strategize ways to make the school food environment a healthier one.  At East End Community School in Portland, Maine, immigrant and refugee families make up a large part of the student body. With so … Continued


It is no coincidence that when I applied to FoodCorps, my first choice was to serve at the Greater Newark Conservancy in Newark, New Jersey. My family’s history in Newark dates back to the 1900s, so I wanted to serve in the heart of the city to deepen my connections with my family and community. Today, … Continued

The FoodCorps Schlep

Schlep /SHlep/ verb 1. haul or carry (something heavy or awkward). Example: “She schlepped her garden supplies back and forth all day long.” noun 1. a tedious or difficult journey. 2. another term for schlepper When I was younger, my Jewish grandfather used to tease me by kvetching in Yiddish. We were very close — so … Continued

A Place for Everyone (Even a Squash) at the Table

This fall, Polson Middle School garden students organized the third annual Garden Harvest Feast to celebrate a successful growing season and to share their garden bounty with the community. The feast was an incredible undertaking for students and staff; it took an entire year’s worth of planning, planting, and tending to the garden in order … Continued