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Month: January 2017

MLK Day in Northern Michigan

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, FoodCorps service members in Northern Michigan, Julia Paige and Lindsay Hall, joined others across the nation to set out on a National Day of Service. They took on the task of preparing a meal at The Goodwill Inn, an emergency shelter located in Traverse City, MI that … Continued

8 Ways to Start 2017 Helping Vulnerable Kids Grow Up Healthy

Missed our “8 Days of Good” email series? You don’t have to miss your chance to start the new year getting your hands dirty helping kids grow up healthy. We’ve summed up the series here.  Add your ideas in the comments. 1. Resolve to fight for food justice Neither race, place, nor income should determine whether or … Continued

iinníí: The Power of Tradition

At the turn of the 19th century, an estimated 60 million bison roamed freely throughout North America.  Bison were a primary food source for many Northern Plains Native Americans, including the Blackfoot Confederacy.  The precious animal, referred to as iinníí in the Blackfeet language, also allotted the Blackfeet people countless uses beyond nourishment.  Hides provided … Continued