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Month: May 2022

Our Cafeteria Project

Our Cafeteria Project Our Cafeteria Project centers around the central question of “How can we improve our school cafeteria?” The program uses a project-based learning framework to outline a process for students to lead discussions and decisions within a school and with school leaders on how to improve the cafeteria environment and mealtime experience. During … Continued

Foodcorps Taste Test Guide

FOODCORPS TASTE TEST GUIDE The FoodCorps Taste Test Guide supports FoodCorps service members in leading taste tests in schools. It includes key considerations when planning and leading a taste test, such as utilizing volunteers and connecting with school nutrition staff. Topics also include tips for choosing recipes, methods to engage students in taste test voting, … Continued

Healthy School Toolkit

HEALTHY SCHOOL TOOLKIT (English and Español) FoodCorps’ Healthy School Toolkit is a set of resources designed to: Take a snapshot of your current school food environment. Guide your school community in creating a vision for the future. Document your action plan for working toward that vision. Evaluate and celebrate your school community’s history and progress … Continued