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Author: FoodCorps

Ingredient Guide for Better School Food Purchasing

This guide is a science-based tool created primarily by school nutrition professionals, for school nutrition professionals, in partnership with Center for Science in the Public Interest. It is a resource for school food leaders and manufacturers alike who are committed to improving the overall quality, nutritional value, and safety of food provided to all students … Continued

Our Cafeteria Project

Our Cafeteria Project Our Cafeteria Project centers around the central question of “How can we improve our school cafeteria?” The program uses a project-based learning framework to outline a process for students to lead discussions and decisions within a school and with school leaders on how to improve the cafeteria environment and mealtime experience. During … Continued

Foodcorps Recipe Book

FOODCORPS RECIPE BOOK The FoodCorps Recipe Book is a compilation of 55 recipes that can be used for school-wide taste tastes, or during hands-on learning in the classroom or garden. The resource includes an overview of the basics of cooking with kids, cooking safety, and an overview of learning models that inform FoodCorps’ approach to … Continued

Foodcorps Taste Test Guide

FOODCORPS TASTE TEST GUIDE The FoodCorps Taste Test Guide supports FoodCorps service members in leading taste tests in schools. It includes key considerations when planning and leading a taste test, such as utilizing volunteers and connecting with school nutrition staff. Topics also include tips for choosing recipes, methods to engage students in taste test voting, … Continued

Healthy School Toolkit

HEALTHY SCHOOL TOOLKIT (English and Español) FoodCorps’ Healthy School Toolkit is a set of resources designed to: Take a snapshot of your current school food environment. Guide your school community in creating a vision for the future. Document your action plan for working toward that vision. Evaluate and celebrate your school community’s history and progress … Continued

Meet this year’s Alumni Council

Each year we invite new members to join our Alumni Council to bring fresh perspectives and passions to the group. They are here to support all alumni in launching initiatives they’d like to start, in lifting their voices to FoodCorps’ National team, and in advancing their career goals post-FoodCorps. Meet the Council members below and … Continued

Investing in Future School Food Leaders

This June, FoodCorps brought together 20 aspiring school food service leaders to help them explore careers in school food, build their network, and get hands-on experience working in school food. They traveled from all over the country to learn from leaders in the field. Vanika Jethwa CT ’17, an alum who joined us from Keene, NH, shares reflections on her experience at the training. 

Amarilys Olivo is building a community of worker bees

FoodCorps is honored to present Amarilys with this year’s Alumni Service Leadership Award. When Amarilys Olivo (NJ ’17) founded a community garden, she decided to call it the “Garden of Worker Bees.” Bees work collaboratively to take care of their community; each bee has its role and contributes to the well-being of the whole. Amarilys wanted to emulate that work ethic to create opportunities for learning, building healthy lifestyles, and connecting with fellow community members.